Return Policy

Return and Exchange Policies

l  To speed up processing, we do not offerexchanges.  If you would like to exchange a product, please return itusing our returns process and then place a new order...

l   We offer free return within 7 days after receipt of product.Every purchase is limited to only once free return.

l  After return is made, if total purchaseamount does not qualify for free shipping then shipping fee will be deductedfrom the refund amount.

l  All returns must be new, unused and in originalpackaging (with tags, receipt, accessories, added purchases, gift premiums).

l  To return a product please click on thelink provided in the email notice which will direct you to your orderconfirmation list. Then on the lower right hand side of the screen, select“Contact Vendor” to leave your message. You may also click on the Facebookmessenger option on the right hand corner below this webpage. Our customer servicewill respond to you soon.

l  We reservethe right to restrict future transactions if we identify an unreasonable orexcessive return/cancellation pattern.


Definition of Faulty Product

l   2 cm measurement deviation, extra thread, slight stains, slightlyloose button, unopened buttonhole, dye odor, faded color after washing are notconsidered faulty conditions and will not be eligible for return. 

(If you are not able to assess the condition, please take photo andsend to us within 3 days of receipt through the “Contact Vendor” link in yourorder confirmation list. )


【Non-returnable Conditions】

l   Items beyond 7 days of receipt.

l  In accordance with Article 19 of theConsumer Protection Act, consumers are entitled to a 7-day appreciation period(inclusive of holidays). This 7-day appreciation period is for considerationpurpose only, not for trial of product. We retain the right to refuse return incase item is unpacked, used or in lack of completeness (such as missing tags,receipt, accessories, added purchases, gift premiums) resulting to loss ofresale value.

l  Due to monitor differences, actual colorsmay vary from what appears online. We cannot guarantee that the color you seeaccurately portrays the true color of the product. We cannot be responsible forthese differences and would not consider such differences to be product defect.Please refer to the physical item for actual color.

l  Clothing Items-We cannot accept any return item that is  worn,damaged, washed, used or scented  (perfume, body odor, cigarette smoke,cleaner).

l  Accessory Items-Unless the item itself is faulty uponreceipt, otherwise any return must be complete and in their full originalpackaging. Accessories may contain several parts, our company will take photoof these parts before shipping to ensure the rights of both parties. 



【Refund Time Frame】

l  Refund time frame may vary depending on the refund process.

l  Refund onpayments made through 7-11 pay at pick-up, Line Pay or ATM/Online transfer willbe processed once we receive the returned item. (The usual time frame forprocessing return and refund will take about 10 business days [not includingholidays]). If you have any questions, you may email us or click on the“Contact Vendor” in your order confirmation list.

l  Purchasesmade with credit card will be processed once we receive and confirmed thecondition of the return. The refund amount will be credited back to your card.Please contact the issuing bank to confirm the actual date of billing.

 Our company will neverinitiate a call to you about refund issue nor ask you to access your ATMaccount. If you receive such a phone call, please contact our customer serviceor dial 165 Anti-Fraud Hotline to verify.