Brand story

Supportingdiversified women power through fashion

 Dressing in style and livinga unique personal spirit


The name KSPIRE stands for K – the founder filled withenthusiasm leading a team of designer souls striving upward to the SPIRE (to thetop)! 

We support diversified women power;dressing in style and living a unique personal spirit is our belief and missionin creating this brand. 

What is so-called Fashion?

Kspire came into existence in beliefthat the best apparel are the ones that can highlight your uniqueness based onyour own distinctive trend.

We created this brand in hope toencourage modern women to bravely put on tailored made apparel to displayconfidence and one’s peculiar charm. 

 Colliding ideas and designelements from various age range of 30’s, 40’s to 50’s, this is the brand valueKSPIRE aims to offer to the entire metropolitan women.


PureDesign KSPIRE

Kspire createsfrom the heart!

We will only be more attentive and more innovative